Defend Like a Pro

Join the Live and Interactive virtual training program led by MLS defender Florian Jungwirth!

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Next Program Starts February 15th!

In this 8 Week Live and Interactive Virtual Training Program, you’ll learn pro-level training, preparation, and game-day strategies directly from MLS defender Florian Jungwirth as he guides you through his preparations for competing against top forwards such as Zlatan Ibrahimović

The 8-week pro-Level Training program to Elevate your game:

Build Strength

Professional soccer-specific strength exercises to build the necessary strength to compete at the highest levels.

Technical Mastery

Flo will guide you through some of his favorite at-home training drills to help you gain technical mastery.

Champion Mindset

Gain the Champion Mindset required to perform at your best under any circumstances or conditions


Improve your cardio-vascular performance to gain speed and endurance and outwork your opponents.


Playing professional soccer requires you to have a winning attitude, but you also have to keep things fun and entertaining.

Health and Nutrition

Flo will share some of his favorite healthy recipes and routines to help you perform at your best and recover quickly.

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